Monday, February 28, 2011

Rain, rain, rain....

Well, what a soggy day! At least I have the perfect jacket for keeping dry! I made this using the Bernina My Label Barn Jacket pattern and the fabric was a combination of raincoat fabric from Michaels Fabrics (which suspiciously resembles Burberry) and a very nicely coordinating Bamberg lining from G Street Fabrics. The lining was a dead on match for the inside of the raincoat fabric.

I did the front zipper as a concealed zipper and put some snaps on to finish the closure:

I made the hood detachable so if I care to remove it I can. I used buttons to attach the hood.

I did a pretty interesting welt pocket, great as I always need a place for keys and such:

This made me feel pretty stylishly dry today!


ELMO said...

I have that same fabric from Micheal's, you did a great job!!

Annette Young said...

Thanks! I really loved this fabric and I wear this coat a lot!

Ruthie said...

Very nice barn coat/rain coat! Stylish and practical - sometimes a hard to find combination.