Saturday, August 30, 2014

Entries for the T Shirt Contest!

The title of this one is T Shirts for All Seasons.

Like the Wardrobe Contest I decided to take the approach to do the most intricate shirts first and go towards the easiest. That almost worked. Turns out number three was the most time consuming as it's the first time I worked with Bernina Design Works. The Crystal Works was a breeze but the Paint Works had a bit of a learning curve. The good thing was I had a lot of white knit fabric from a recent Michael's Fabrics bundle so I did have the opportunity to play a bit. Now I feel I've got it and there will be no stopping me in the future!

I based this on the Bernina My Label T shirt pattern that has served me quite well. The one big modification I did was a full bust adjustment. I've never thought that to be needed before but it made a big difference in the way the front lays. I used Louise Cutting's technique from her Threads Insiders Industry Techniques #4. It's also on the Thread's Insider site which I find very handy when I don't have the disc with me. This is a really good series for a more experience sewist as it goes through some very useful techniques. Not really beginner level though.

Well here is the first one:

I got some rather thin yellow rayon knit in the bundle and since yellow is not an everyday color for me I though beach coverup! Our PA house is across the street from the lake so I'm not particularly comfortable walking around in just my swimsuit. I took my basic T, lengthened it, put a V neck on it and shortened the sleeves. I could not resist embroidering the silly crab on the hem. Of course I had to take the picture at the lake on Cyber Seas.

For the next one I lengthened the shirt, made it with slits on the side, made it sleeveless and added the embroidery from Bernina's Tuscan Garden collection using the Mega Hoop on my Bernina 630. This was another fabric from my Michael's Fabrics bundle. This one was a little beefier. I thought this was a good Summer dress and something that can be dressed up or down.

The third one was the basic shirt but I embellished the sleeves with Paint works and Crystal Works. This had to be done on my B580 as it's the only machine I've got that's capable of using this program. The collections was Bernina's Loop-D-Loop which I thought looked like fun.

The Edding pens that came with Paint Works ran out pretty fast so I bought a whole bunch of Tuskineko pens in all kinds of colors from Amazon. They came highly recommended from the Design Works Yahoo group. I then punched the template for the crystals using the Crystal Works program and made four sets, 2 each for the sleeves. It was a lot of fun and I can see wanting to use this more in the future!

The forth one was a basic T with the neck scooped a bit and out of the fabulous nicely heavy wool knit from Mood. I'm not wishing Summer away so quickly but this is going to a nice sweater for when the weather gets colder.

The fifth one also fell out of my sequence on complexity idea. I was going to see if I had time for this at the end - the requirement was four but I shot for six. This cotton knit fabric came from G Street and it's a nice substantial weight. I took one of the curved rulers I got with my pattern design kit from Wawak and made the curves using the ruler. I then faced them and trimmed the facing down. My nice new Babylock cover stitch did a very good job of following the curves to cover. Then I used some very small black buttons to tack the sleeves together. The neck on this one was scooped a bit as well.

Here's the sixth one. I didn't get the cashmere knit fabric from Mood in time so into the stash I went. I found this wild knit fabric I got from the G Street remnant pile years ago and I though dress! I can always use a casual dress! I lengthened the shirt but 12 inches and "ruched" the sleeves a bit. For the ruching I zigzaged over the round elastic and then pulled it tighter. Voila! Instant ruching!

So I made it! Six shirts this quickly makes a very busy month. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

And the suspense is over - my Patternreview Wardrobe Contest surprise!

Okay, so the suspense is over. All or at least most of us got our surprises from the wardrobe contest. I
couldn't be happier! This is what I got:

I've come to the conclusion that I want to sew either self drafted, computer drafted, magazine patterns (Burda, Bernina Inspirations), book patterns (Collette and  Quadrille Publishing  for example) or independent patterns. In other words not the big 4 right now. The independents can be pricey but the companies are run by some very creative people.

Deer and Doe is a french company owned by Eleonore Klein  and ever since I've read about them I've wanted to try one of their patterns. So this was a wonderful surprise! These patterns are created and printed in France on recycled paper so that works for the Prius driving tree hugger in me.

So after I'm finished with the T shirt marathon I've been on (on number 6 right now) this will be my next project. After all I can always use another nice fall jacket!

This is the link to their site: Deer and Doe Patterns

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Okay I didn't win but....

That wardrobe challenge was a lot of fun! Well I did okay, for a second run at this anyway. There were lots of impressive collections with some really ambitious pieces. I felt the shirt and skirts were ambitious enough for me. After all full time job, house and Mom in PA and quality time with  Husband and the pets. But I was very pleased with the collection I came up with so that's a win in my book!

Because there were so many of us (35 of us) we were rewarded for participation. After the overseas crowd has gotten their surprise I'll say what it is but I will say I was really pleased to see we were acknowledged!

I saw the envelope in the mail coming through the door after work. Well, of course Minnie had to go out for her walk, then she needed dinner and of course Elvis and Bailey the parrots wanted their afternoon treat. The whole time I was walking Minnie (the sniffer) I kept saying "c'mon, c'mon aren't you hungry?"

Anyway, I'm now deep in the T Shirt contest  - this challenge is to take one tried and true T shirt pattern and make 4 to 6 things with it. So far I've got a beach coverup and a sleeveless T shirt dress and am currently working on a white T shirt with what looks like doodling on the sleeves. I'm using the Bernina Designworks suite - first painting and they perhaps adding crystals. All in all fun to play with.

The first two are going to PA with me this weekend so I can get some creative shots by the lake. I would have done that last time but timing didn't work out. And frankly the  Occoquan River made a pretty good backdrop!

To be continued.....