Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Okay I didn't win but....

That wardrobe challenge was a lot of fun! Well I did okay, for a second run at this anyway. There were lots of impressive collections with some really ambitious pieces. I felt the shirt and skirts were ambitious enough for me. After all full time job, house and Mom in PA and quality time with  Husband and the pets. But I was very pleased with the collection I came up with so that's a win in my book!

Because there were so many of us (35 of us) we were rewarded for participation. After the overseas crowd has gotten their surprise I'll say what it is but I will say I was really pleased to see we were acknowledged!

I saw the envelope in the mail coming through the door after work. Well, of course Minnie had to go out for her walk, then she needed dinner and of course Elvis and Bailey the parrots wanted their afternoon treat. The whole time I was walking Minnie (the sniffer) I kept saying "c'mon, c'mon aren't you hungry?"

Anyway, I'm now deep in the T Shirt contest  - this challenge is to take one tried and true T shirt pattern and make 4 to 6 things with it. So far I've got a beach coverup and a sleeveless T shirt dress and am currently working on a white T shirt with what looks like doodling on the sleeves. I'm using the Bernina Designworks suite - first painting and they perhaps adding crystals. All in all fun to play with.

The first two are going to PA with me this weekend so I can get some creative shots by the lake. I would have done that last time but timing didn't work out. And frankly the  Occoquan River made a pretty good backdrop!

To be continued.....

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Deepika said...

Annette, the goal behind patternreview contests is to inpsire and motivate each other to sew and reading your blog brings a smile to my face. Glad you enjoyed your surprise and so great that you are participating in the Tee contest too.