Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lake Wallenpaupack clock for lake house

Wow, have things gotten busy! Well, I'm back...

Anyone who was at this house when my parents owned it probably remember the cuckoo-cuckoo clock that was once there. People either loved it or hated it. It was a cute clock but some found the sound annoying. It's down at my Virginia house now and needs to be repaired. We figured when it's up and running it will be another sound for Elvis the African Grey Parrot to imitate.

We needed a clock for it's place. I was at a Bernina Club meeting at G Street and they showed how to make an embroidered clock. Why not! I ordered the kit and started work on it.

I used the stitch regulator for the background of the clock. It was fun using it to stipple. Using the Bernina Designer 7 software I used the wreath tool in the software for the creating the numbers. As far as the embroidered map went I scanned a map off of PP&L's web site of the lake and digitized it. There is a small heat set crystal where Paradise Point is.

I didn't like the exposed front sides of the two pieces of plexiglass so I bought a frame to put around it.

When I was finished I realized I could but a piece of plexiglass and a frame just drill a hole in it for another clock. I want to make a sewing themed one for the lake house sewing room so once I clear a few more things off my plate I'll be making one for there.