Saturday, May 21, 2016

Style Arc Romy Jacket

I am totally taken by Style Arc patterns. They are drafted extremely well and the fit is perfect! Well, except for the full bust adjustment I need to make but I'm quite used to that at this time. I just can't have enough jackets these days. It's been totally soggy around the DC area lately and this is a perfect jacket for this season in this part of the country.

I'm standing in front of the Studio Theatre in DC in these pictures. I will say the neck is pretty tricky. I found the best approach is not totally construct the collar before attaching.

I did line this. The pattern didn't call for it but I thought it was a good idea. The fabric, an all weather 2 ply Supplex from Seattle Fabrics needed it anyway. I also got this lining from them - a good nylon lining for outerwear. Also got the separating zipper and toggles from them, the cord came from Amazon.
This jacket has raglan sleeves which makes it easy to set. It has a belt that attaches with belt loops (I love my Babylock cover stitch machine for those) and it has a drawstring in the hem.
The pockets are box pleated. I decide to make use of my Kamsnap press and use snaps to close the pocket flap. I also used them on the neck snaps.
Upon leaving the theatre the temperature dropped! So time to snap closed the collar!

This was a fun jacket to put together! I can see making it again, maybe a different color, maybe with a hood. I totally recommend Style Arc! And frankly shipping from Australia isn't that bad - my 2 - 3 weeks for super saving shipping. And our dollar is  pretty strong against theirs right now!