Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In the name of organization

I've always found a bulletin board is a great thing to have in a sewing room. I like to keep it above the sewing table so I have a place for pattern pieces, drawings, ideas and samples. For years I had a plain one from an office store but I decided I wanted one more like a "work of art".

I was looking for a frame not necessarily in great shape for the frame. I would have done the "shabby chic" approach but I found a solid wood one in great shape at a thrift shop in Urbana, VA. They also had a slightly beat up cork board. Total sale was $12.

The frame had an off-white inner boarder but that was remedied with some colorful ribbon from Joann Fabric. I covered the board with some Project Runway quilt fabric with a sewing motif. Some spray adhesive took care of attaching that. I added a ruler to the bottom edge and found these very cool push pins from Push Pins and Fabric Cork Boards. So very useful and very decorative.

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