Friday, February 13, 2015

Okay, so now up.....

I did acceptably well with the Bargainista Fashionista contest. If I figured this right I was fifth out of fifty two. It was a pretty amazing group of designs so that feels good to me.

So once again something I want to do is on at the right time. I've been wanting to make some more jeans for a while and I have some leather scraps left from my destructed leather coat - it had a torn sleeve so I decided it should be put to good use as trim. Also want to embroider on it.

I have some nice stretch denim from Mood but I think I'll got to G Street tonight to get some non-stretch. I think my pattern (the 5 pocket jeans from Bernina My Label) will work better with the non-stretch version than the stretch version. I'm thinking of picking up the Jalie 2908 Jeans pattern for the stretch fabric when I get to that.

It would be nice to have a few more pairs of nice jeans. I can actually wear the to work on certain days.

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