Thursday, April 2, 2015

A little more sewing room luxury cover for my Coverstitch Machine

The only thing that I didn't like about my Babylock cover stitch machine was the extremely cheesy cover that came with it. Same with my Enlighten serger. They are made out of flimsy plastic and not at all esthetically pleasing to look at.

The Enlighten lives in my Rockler cabinet so there is no need for to have a cover but the cover stitch sits on the Gristmill cabinet when not in use. Anything that visible needs a nice cover!

I made one for my Sashiko, who sits on the antique sewing cabinet that belonged to my Grandmother and one for the Bernina serger living at the lake house. So time for the cover stitch to get one.

I used jelly roll fabric to make the front, top and back. I used the cheesy plastic cover as a pattern. This was done on Bernina B580 and it was fun using the decorative 9mm stitches the machine. The piecing went perfectly using the 97 foot and guide. Best 1/4" seems ever! The logo was done through the Bernina Designer Plus 7 software.

I used a close font to their log and they added the oval around to emulate it. I've got the Bernina one, which I have on my serger cover in Pennsylvania as I like the label them with who made them.

This is how the front and back look:
The sides were done with my Saskiko machine:
This is the one I did for the Sashiko machine. It was one of the first ones I made so it's not quite as nice as the cover stitch cover. But it does nicely serve the purpose of keeping dust off the machines!

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