Monday, December 29, 2014

Well, next up......

Despite my better judgement and because I haven't done particularly well in these contests I'm entering another one anyway. Why might you ask?

Well there is the fabulous cotton trench fabric I have from Michael's Fabrics and some really nice wool plaid flannel from Mood. I made a trench a few years ago and I really love it but it is definitely a trench for Spring. I want one for Winter so that's why I got the wool flannel - for a lining. I knocked a few other projects out in the mean time (pictures to come) and have been wanting to do this one for a while so I figured why not? It will mimic (to a point anyway) a $2000 Burberry I've always drooled over (not literally of course).

Right now I'm embroidering some tissue boxes for the lake house but this starts on the first  and because the house is closed for the Winter I have no excuse for not finishing this. Frankly

I do need some inspiration. My favorite sewing instructor, my Mom, passed away early December but she loved to see what I was making right up to the end, even after her sewing days were over.

At the lake I have her sewing box. Even in assisted living she was hemming skirts and pants to help friends save money. Now that's inspiration!


Sandra Kay Daniels said...

Sharing the excitement of a sewing project is a wonderful kind of sharing between a mother and daughter. I know that feeling, too. I'm sorry for this hard time of loss in your life and I'm glad you have lovely memories to keep with you. This year I made a tailored coat for the first time in 40 years and I could imagine the pleasure on my mother's face.

Annette Young said...

Thanks! Yes, it's tough particularly since I couldn't call to say Happy New Years yesterday. But I'm sure she would love my recent projects.

Brian Wood said...

I'm sorry about your mom. Im making tissue boxes also, but plastic canvas ones :)