Thursday, July 9, 2015

G Street Fabrics and demise of clothing fabric stores

Well, I guess it had to happen. G Street Fabrics is closing both of it's stores in Virginia. The only remaining one will be Rockville. Honestly, three interstate highways to get there will probably make it too tough to attempt on a regular basis. Centerville was on my way home from work with a minor detour.

For those of us who love to sew clothes this will be a bit of a problem. We have an amazing amount of quilt shops around here but the clothing fabric stores are on the downslide. We lost Fabrics Unlimited in Arlington, Couture Fabrics in Alexandria, Curran Square Fabrics in McLean and now this. Exquisite Fabrics, formerly in DC is now in Culpepper, VA.

Guess it's time to go check out A Fabric Place in Baltimore and take a trip to Culpepper to check Exquisite Fabrics new digs. And there's Sew Smart Fabrics in Scranton, when I'm up there, to check out. After boating season that is. And Manhattan is only two hours from the lake house so there is the Fashion District there.

And I guess online will be the other option. I like when I know there's a brick and mortar attached although I know that's not always the case.


Liz said...

My mom used to shop at G Street all the time, but she told me recently that the quality had gone very much downhill in recent years....

Annette Young said...

When Mr G was running it, it was the best. I first found it when I moved to the area in the 80's. Even though it did at least there was a local place for cotton knits, cotton twill, nice shirtings and good wools. I'll miss them for that and many other reasons.