Thursday, December 22, 2011

My sewing table at home - the imfamous Rockler!

The afore mentioned Singer #42 cabinet is headed for our house on Lake Wallenpaupack. I have my real sewing room in my house in Virginia. That's, of course, where most of my sewing takes place.

The original dilemma I had was with the compact space I have here and what to do with a newly aquired serger. I saw some Horn cabinets that looks like they might do the trick but they were expensive and frankly a bit cheesy looking. The solid wood ones were prohibitive.

My Father in Law is a wonderful woodworker. He does this as a hobby but makes absolutely beautiful furniture. I showed him the picture of the Horn and he then went out and found plans from Rockler that were even better than the Horn one I was looking at. He asked me what wood and I asked for cherry. This is how it looks open:

It was originally constructed for my Bernina 1010 but then I retrofitted it for my Artista 165E and later my Artista 630E (that's what's in it now). The arm holds my Bernina 1300MDC serger nicely. All I have to do is swing the chair and I can get to each of them quickly. He also made me the corresponding inserts for the various machines. This is how it looks closed:

After he finished he asked me what did I want to do with the leftover wood. Well, a matching bookcase of course:

Needless to say I spend a lot of happy sewing hours at this table!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a talented FIL and how sweet of him to make it for you!

bmartiny said...

Wow that is an amazing father in law!
The cabinet is beautiful. I agree with your concept of the ready made cabinets for the costs they should be more than particleboard. I have just bought my first Bernina a very slightly used 640e, the emb. module had never been used and now I am beginning my first steps in computer sewing after over 40 yrs of sewing almost with my eyes closed on everything from a pedal singer to my latest singer that just wasn't cutting it any more. I am struggling to figure out the software but to sew on this machine is a dream. Embroidery will come slower as I am trying to figure out the software... I hope to have new friends with experience to inspire and guide me.

Annette said...

Also, please check as well.